The USA Prepares $2.2 Bln Military Aid Packet  

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, February 1, 2023
The USA Prepares $2.2 Bln Military Aid Packet  

"General Atomics" proposes to sell to Ukraine 2 units of "Reaper MQ-9" for $1

Earlier in the week, the presidents of Ukraine and the United States held a telephone conversation, after which it became known that a new package of military assistance was already being prepared. The United States government is preparing to transfer long-range weapons to the battlefield. Reuters reports that they may be missiles, but they are currently considering the transfer of cruise bombs. Also in the new military aid package add high-precision GLSDB ammunition. Their range reaches 150 km. The total cost of the military package will be $2.2 billion, the weapons will be purchased under the USAI program.

In addition, The Wall Street Journal reports that Biden should consider selling Ukraine long-range drones. With this initiative came the US arms manufacturer General Atomics. He is ready to sell Ukraine 2 drones Reaper MQ-9.

The Reaper MQ-9 is a modular reconnaissance drone capable of speeds above 400 km/h, carrying 4 air-launched missiles to the ground, 4 missiles, and 2 laser-guided bombs.

For such military reinforcement, the US concern wants only $1. General Atomics CEO Linden Blue is ready to hand over to the Ukrainian armed forces the base station for drones. The station is capable of controlling drones in almost any location at any distance. The company needs is the White House’s approval now.

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