The USA Supports the NATO-Ukraine Alliance

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, June 15, 2022
The USA Supports the NATO-Ukraine Alliance

US Representative to NATO welcomes Boris Johnson's initiative to establish the Ukraine-UK-Poland-Balkan defense group

Last week, the Italian news agency Corriere Della published insider information about the possible creation of a new union in Europe and, later, Turkey. In order to defend Ukraine and strengthen its position at the negotiating table, Boris Johnson proposed to strengthen diplomatic relations and create a defense union with the participation of Great Britain, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Turkey will likely join at one stage.

"So if NATO members are divided into partnership formats or groups to help build capacity and work together to strengthen the Alliance, we would like to support that," Julianne Smith, the US permanent representative to NATO.
Smith noted that this alliance will also strengthen NATO's eastern borders, and is therefore beneficial and necessary for NATO as a whole.

"Obviously, we support initiatives that help build capacity," said Juliana Smith.

It will be recalled that on February 17, a week before the war, Ukraine, Poland, and the United Kingdom agreed on a Trilateral Memorandum of Cooperation to strengthen Ukraine's defense capabilities in the face of an impending threat.

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