The Volume of Exports of IT Services from Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, January 24, 2022
The Volume of Exports of IT Services from Ukraine

In 2021, 90% of Ukraine’s IT companies made changes to their employees ’salaries, while this year, Ukraine provided IT and computer services to foreign companies worth more than $6.8 billion

According to the study, during the crisis period in 2020, the IT services sector in Ukraine grew by 20% compared to 2019, but over the past three years, the IT industry has more than doubled. As of today, there are about 285.000 IT professionals in Ukraine, of which 55.000 are employees, and the rest work with IT companies as private entrepreneurs.

Ukraine is an attractive IT hub. The number of students studying" rel="dofollow">information technology is more than 100.000, and in the period 2022-2025, about 80.000 students will receive a bachelor's degree.

However, in 2021, 40.600 IT specialists came to the field of technology and IT.

Last year, the most prominent IT partners of Ukraine were such countries as Britain, the United States, Malta, Switzerland, Israel, and Cyprus.

Currently, there are about 5.000 active IT companies in Ukraine, which in 2021 paid $829.8 million in taxes to the state budget.

Analysts of the portal for the anonymous search of programmers Djinni pointed out that for three months, the demand for IT specialists in Ukraine significantly exceeded the supply – almost by a third. According to the site, more than 20.000 candidates were looking for work in the country, while there are about 26.000 current vacancies. 

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