The World for Peace in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, March 20, 2022
The World for Peace in Ukraine

Since February 24, the nature of foreign investment in Ukraine has changed: now the world is investing in the protection and stability of our country

Australia is providing Ukraine with more than $50 million in aid and at least 70.000 tons of thermal coal. In addition, the country is introducing a temporary humanitarian visa for Ukrainians forced to flee the war.

Australia also bans the export of alumina and aluminum ores to Russia. This will limit the ability of the Russian Federation to produce aluminum, which is important in particular in the field of weapons.

FIFA has allocated $1 million for humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The first batch (medicines, first aid kits) has already been delivered to Ukraine.

Japan deprives Russia of the status of the most favored nation in trade. This was announced by the prime minister of Japan Fumio Kishida. The cancellation of the status, in particular, will entail higher customs rates for Russian imports to Japan.

Also Japan called on India to take a tougher stance against Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Japanese prime minister Fumio Kishida addressed the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi with a corresponding statement.

"US Senate unanimously passes resolution condemning Putin as a war criminal," Reuters. 

"I just signed the Bipartisan Government Funding Bill into law — keeping the government and open a historic $13.6 billion in funding to Ukraine," wrote Joe Biden on his Twitter. 

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