The World Remembers the Feat of Ukrainian Defenders “Azovstal”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, June 26, 2022
The World Remembers the Feat of Ukrainian Defenders “Azovstal”

In the world, there are peaceful actions in support of prisoners from "Azovstal" and their release

On June 25, the first day of the rally, calling for Russia to return Ukrainian fighters of the Azov regiment, was held. Ukrainians and foreign residents held peaceful marches with posters and photos of fighters. People from 19 countries demanded the release of Ukrainian defenders. The question of saving the lives of honest soldiers has affected everyone, so demands for the release of prisoners sounded in several cities of the country:

  • Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz (Poland);
  • London, Bristol (Britain);
  • Berlin, Frankfurt am Main (Germany);
  • Zurich, Geneva (Switzerland); 
  • Bratislava (Slovakia);
  • Brasov (Romania);
  • Prague (Czech Republic);
  • Riga (Latvia);
  • Budapest (Hungary);
  • Paris (France);
  • Istanbul (Turkey);
  • Amsterdam (Netherlands);
  • Stockholm (Sweden);
  • Oslo (Norway).

Also, rallies were held in cities of Israel, Denmark, Ireland, Canada, and Chile.

The association of families of defenders of Azovstal, created by relatives of families of soldiers defending Mariupol, organized this event.

"Every hero of Azovstal must be in proper conditions, be provided with everything necessary, and return home as soon as possible — such is the opinion of every Ukrainian who wants to be heard by the planet," explained the original purpose of the organizers of rallies.

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