Thermal Power Plants Increase Electricity Production

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, December 21, 2021
Thermal Power Plants Increase Electricity Production

Thermal power plants "DTEK Energy" increased electricity supply by 10% in 11 months of 2021, up to 22.6 billion kWh

DTEK Energy is a key participant in the Ukrainian electricity generation market, which produces a quarter of the country's electricity.

The total installed capacity of our generating facilities exceeds 13.527 MW.

"Despite the minimal load on other thermal generation enterprises due to fuel shortage, our thermal power stations continue to maintain the stable operation of the Ukrainian energy system. Last week, the number of DTEK Energy TPP units in operation reached 31 out of all 38 TPP and TPP power units operating in the system. This is a record in terms of the number of equipment operating simultaneously in the network, an indicator for the last ten months," the press service quotes the words of Ildar Saleev, general director of DTEK Energy.

The company noted that to ensure electricity generation during the autumn-winter period, DTEK Energy TPSs use both their production and imported coal.

"So, for 11 months of this year, the mines of the company produced more than 15.2 million tons of gas coal. In total, this year, it is planned to produce almost 17 million tons of gas coal," said DTEK Energy.

The company continues to import fuel for the needs of its generation. So, in November, 100 thousand tons of coal were imported, and over the past three months — about 455 thousand tons. In total, for the stable passage of the heating season, over 1 million tons of imported coal have been contracted.

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