“Time” Named Woman of the Year

by Roman Cheplyk
Saturday, March 4, 2023
“Time” Named Woman of the Year

Ukrainian LGBT activist Olena Shevchenko was elected a woman of the year according to the magazine

The American magazine published the list of the 12 most influential women of the year, among which was the Ukrainian activist. Time put Olena Shevchenko in one step with actress Cate Blanchett and football player Magan Rapino.

Ukrainian woman hit the magazine with courage and struggle for justice. Shevchenko is the head of the public organization Insite. This organization cares for and protects the rights of sexual minorities in Ukraine. During the war, Olena Shevchenko and her team continued to care for people. At present, she is buying the necessary things for LGBT representatives. It is reported that during the war, the needs of people can be different: From the first-aid kit to hormonal drugs and hygiene products. In addition, during the year of the war, Insite was able to attract investors and financial means in the amount of $400.000.

"It is necessary to remind people that women are not people who just need to give birth to new soldiers and care about our heroes," the activist commented to the American magazine Time.

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