To Replace Supermarkets

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, January 19, 2022
To Replace Supermarkets

Online sales of fresh fruits and vegetables, berries and greens, sweets, and home drinks

In 2021, trade experts concluded that Ukrainians started to grow more and more of their produce. This conclusion continues to evolve in an astonishing direction when experts publish figures. The Ukrainians grow fresh vegetables and fruits per year, amounting to $1.9 billion. Currently, domestic food products worth about $1.2 billion are sold on unofficial markets and online. According to experts of the official information-analytical platform of Ukrainian EastFruit, 55% of sales of fresh vegetables and fruits are owned by enterprises. The remaining 45% is a Ukrainian phenomenon. It was created by informal traders and online traders. Unorganized trade in Ukraine looks like the sale of domestic crops on urban streets.

Online sellers have appeared in Ukrainian spaces relatively recently. They fill their products with advertisement sites and create social media pages to promote their crops. This is now becoming a significant competitor for retailers. Experts note the leadership of this phenomenon due to its high development. Online sales of berries, fruits, and vegetables are growing faster than supermarkets, attracting the client with the realistic, loyal price and pleasant communication.

The Ukrainian market of productive products is vibrant, and its overall development can become a sound basis for entering the world market.

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