+ to Russian Army Damage: “Gepards” and Surface Drones

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, December 3, 2022
+ to Russian Army Damage: “Gepards” and Surface Drones

The German government voted for a large military aid package for Ukraine

On December 1, the German government released a decision on a new aid package for Ukraine — it is positive. Moreover, Germany has opened a list of what will soon be transferred to the Ukrainian front line. The large military package will include 7 Gepards anti-aircraft guns. Earlier, the German Ministry of defence stated that before the end of hostilities in the country, they intend to transfer Gepards. Currently, 30 anti-aircraft systems are helping the Ukrainian army fight the Russian aggressor. As Russia threatens Ukraine with missile strikes from at least 2 close waters, military assistance will also include 8 surface uncrewed aerial vehicles.

Also, shortly, the Ukrainian forces will be armed with the following:

  • Spare parts for repair of Mi-24 helicopters;
  • 100.000 medical kits;
  • 4.000 sleeping bags;
  • 3 Biber armoured bridge-laying machines;
  • 12 border cars;
  • 30 ambulances.

Support for Ukraine by other countries is growing and growing because Ukrainian defenders are talented in handling all kinds of weapons. The Armed Forces of Ukraine skillfully liberate our territories from the invaders, paying no attention even to the onset of winter.

Winter is no reason to freeze the fight for truth in Ukraine!

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