Tooth for a Tooth

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, August 29, 2022
Tooth for a Tooth

The Czech Republic and Ukraine took revenge on bloodthirsty Russia

The Czech edition Actualne published an article stating that Prague was avenging the Russian Federation for the war in 1968. According to the article,  the Czech Republic will give Ukraine almost $1 million for the Ukrainians to avenge their country and for the relatives of the Czechs. The defence Ministries of Ukraine and the Czech Republic have already held negotiations. As a result of the talks, the parties decided that the money would be spent on military equipment.

Actualne reports that the Czechs sent money with comments in support of Ukraine.

"Putin, this is for you for me and my parents. They were young then and wanted to live a full life," was written in the messages.

At the same time, the Ukrainian media published an interview with a Ukrainian journalist Rostyslav Khotin in Prague. He talked to the indigenous people and asked for their opinion about the Russian-Ukrainian war. Many Czechs say that Ukrainians avenge the Russian Federation for Moscow's invasion of the Czech Republic.

As time has shown, Russia has shed the blood of many "fraternal peoples" for many years.

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