Top-3 Ukrainian Designs That Will Conquer the World

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, December 31, 2021
Top-3 Ukrainian Designs That Will Conquer the World

Ukrainian innovative projects are in demand at home and abroad

According to the Ukrainian Institute of intellectual property, 128.855 inventions have been patented in Ukraine during the 30 years of independence. In addition, 148.021 sound works were carried out in various spheres of life. In 2021, Ukrainian developers will continue the scientific path, and soon the world will see three more worthwhile projects.

  • BIOsens mobile analyzer

A private Ukrainian organization for product safety diagnostics, BIOsens, has presented a development capable of upsetting agriculture and industry. The analyzer can detect all toxic substances in the food in 30 minutes. The equipment is small, mobile. Such invention replaces 6 hours of laboratory diagnostics. Now the portable BIOsens analyzer is undergoing pilot testing. But already, at this stage, the project has attracted potential clients. Farmers from Ukraine, Europe, Africa, and the USA.

  1. Windmill Onipko Rotor

Ukrainian Oleksii Onipko invented a high-performance windmill. As a doctor of engineering, he tried to change the familiar blades of the wind generator. In his project, the scientist used spirals. The volumetric spirals rotate even with a slight wind of 0.3 meters per second. It is worth noting that the standard units for starting the production of green energy require a wind speed of at least 3 meters per second. Now Germany, Italy, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan are interested in. The creator of Onipko Rotor is ready to cooperate with investors on building a generator on the territory of Ukraine.

  • RE-leaf paper

RE-leaf paper is the invention of Ukrainian schoolboy Valentyn Frenchka. He invented a way to extract cellulose from fallen leaves. The technology of producing cellulose from the recoverable resource makes it possible not to cut down trees for paper production. In turn, the schoolchild is already independently implementing the project, producing eco-packages. In the first six months of 2021, Valentin produced and sold almost 1.5 tons of packages using the RE-leaf paper system.

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