TOP 5 Most Relevant IT Specialties 2022

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, January 22, 2022
TOP 5 Most Relevant IT Specialties 2022

US technology platform "Venture Beat" named the IT specialties that will be most in-demand among employers in 2022

After two years of pandemics and telecommuting, the publication writes that many professionals have decided to change their careers, and the demand for IT specialties continues to grow.

Java developer

Builds web applications, applications, and software. Java developer is involved in all stages of product development. The responsibilities of this professional can vary greatly depending on the company and the specific position. Still, in any case, he must be good at developing codes and monitoring the performance of applications.

Cloud architect

Develops cloud application design, monitors, and manages clouds. This specialist must know Python, Ruby, and Elixir programming languages, have experience in IT engineering and have leadership skills.

Cyber security specialists 

Such professionals are also called white hackers. They protect companies from hacker attacks and users from stealing their data. To be a cybersecurity specialist, you need to know computer forensics, solve security problems on different platforms, and have good communication skills.

Product manager

Monitors the development of the project from the planning stage to its implementation. The product manager oversees the performance of other employees, so he needs experience in personnel management, analytical skills, and the ability to work with tools such as PivotalTracker and Jira.

Data scientists

Uses machine learning to predict and analyze data. He must identify problems in data analysis, correctly define sets of data sets and variables, collect large data sets and report the results of his analysis.

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