Top Ukrainian Services Worldwide 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, September 28, 2022
Top Ukrainian Services Worldwide 

"Mastercard SME Index" published research on the participation of Ukrainian businesses in the world market

Some Ukrainian services have long been in demand in European countries. Now specialists from Ukraine have become more popular, but the number of services and indicators has increased considerably. It is noted that since February 24, 28% of companies have expanded their business and entered the international market. Among the leading countries for the sale of Ukrainian goods and services abroad:

  • The USA — 30%;
  • Poland — 27%;
  • Germany — 13%;
  • Great Britain — 10%;
  • Lithuania — 10%;
  • Canada — 10%.

Another 21% of businessmen are ready to start their activities abroad. Ukrainians like the business climate in Poland, the USA, Germany, Britain, Canada, and Moldova.

The most popular are still IT professionals. They can occupy 49% of the alcove abroad. Also, in the world, successfully developing Ukrainian author's projects. According to the study, the most significant demand will be:

  • Jewellery and designer decorations — about 23% of Ukrainian companies;
  • Craft products — 26% of existing organizations;
  • Clothing of Ukrainian designers — at least 28%.

However, they note that there are problems with entering the international market. For example, 56% of respondents complain about the lack of new orders and the absence of broad sales markets. Respondents also lack funds for development and production facilities.

Mastercard SME Index polled 300 Ukrainian representatives of medium and small businesses.

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