Torture of Soviet Criminal Films Realized in the Kyiv Region

Friday, May 20, 2022
Torture of Soviet Criminal Films Realized in the Kyiv Region

Ukrainian torture survivor spoke about the abuse by the Russian military

Vyktor Sytnytskyi is an ordinary Ukrainian who never had anything to do with military organizations. In early March, the Russian military stole a man. Vyktor Sytnytskyi recollects that he was just walking down the street when he was attacked. The Russians tied their hands, put a hat on their eyes, and threw him into the car.

The Russian military tortured the Ukrainian. They tied the man to a chair and poured cold water on his feet. This form of torture is used to keep people cold and willing to save their lives. Having suppressed the morale of the Ukrainian, the war criminals used a gun for interrogation.

"They kept asking "Where are the fascists? Where is Zelenskyy? Where are the troops?" Vyktor Sytnytskyi recalls?

Vyktor Sytnytskyi survived thanks to the Ukrainian counterattack. The prisoner escaped during the shelling. The occupiers set up a torture camp in the children’s health camp Promenystii in Bucha. Later, the Ukrainian military found places to torture the victim had described.

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