Trends in Fintech in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, February 15, 2022
Trends in Fintech in Ukraine

Blockchain payment systems in Ukraine and another program

The fintech sphere remains one of the most dynamic in Ukraine. This position of niche has not been released for several years. The most striking example of this is the reports. In 2021, the number of funds raised in the financial sector increased by 96%. And the most potent trends remain:

  • Cross-border payments

For this purpose, bank cards are used, allowing making purchases outside the country. They are connected to e-commerce. This gives Ukrainians the opportunity to buy goods in Aliexpess and other similar world markets.

  • Open banking

Open banking is a complex of solutions and processes that allow banks and third-party service providers to exchange financial information and services electronically with clients' permission. Implementation of this system is only expected, so it becomes a trend in 2022.

22 July 2022 is planned to launch the concept of open banking in Ukraine.

  • Blockchain

The interest of investors in blockchain technologies has grown in the new year. This is related to the development of start-ups in Ukraine. In Ukraine was launched:

  • The Kuna cryptocurrency exchange;
  • The Bloqly and Propy platforms;
  • First Ukrainian marketplace ArtBay NFT.

Despite this progress, specialists are preparing Ukrainians for another jump of fintech.

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