Turkey: Negotiation Is One Thing, Cooperation Is Another

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, September 20, 2022
Turkey: Negotiation Is One Thing, Cooperation Is Another

Turkey has stopped training Russian pilots and blocked cards in the country's largest banks

The sanctions that the European Union has imposed on Russia because of the aggression against Ukraine are beginning to work. Bans come into force even where they want to negotiate with Putin. Thus, in Turkey, under the sanctions, the Turkish Airlines training centre stopped training students from the Russian Federation. It is reported that Russian pilots will no longer be able to practice on flight simulation machines. According to The Insider, Russians were trained only in Turkey after the closure of Europe. In Russia, there are simulators, but for the most common types of aircraft. In Turkey, it was possible to get practice on the models Boeing B777 or Airbus A350. It can be concluded that the whole world will develop further, and Russia will remain within its country's borders and with old aircraft.

Another example of sanctions is the disconnection of Russia's Mir cards from the most prominent Turkish bank. Turkish Isbank refused to service Russian cards after the US Treasury imposed sanctions against the executive director of Russia's national payment card system. Another central Turkish bank, DenizBank, has also taken similar measures.

No one wants to evade sanctions for the sake of friendship with an aggressive Russia. Even the Turkish state hopes for an early, negotiated war settlement.

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