Ukraine 05.04.2022

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, April 5, 2022
Ukraine 05.04.2022

General review. Death and kidnapping statistics

Ukrainian forces have retaken key terrain in the north of Ukraine after denying Russia the ability to secure its objectives and forcing Russian forces to retreat from the area around Chernihiv and North Kyiv.

low-level fighting is likely to continue in some parts of newly recaptured regions but diminish significantly over this week as a reminder of Russian forces withdraw.

Many Russian units withdrawing from northern Ukraine are likely to require significant re-equipping and refurbishment before being available to redeploy for operations in eastern Ukraine. 


  • Blue zones — liberated from occupation
  • Red — fighting
  • Black — temporarily occupied territories

Russian invaders killed 165 children, 266 were wounded. Region stats:

  • Kyiv region — 77. Previously, the Donetsk region was in 1st place, but the events in Bucha changed the situation;
  • Donetsk — 78;
  • Kharkiv— 61;
  • Chernigov — 49;
  • Nikolaev — 35;
  • Lugansk — 31;
  • Zaporizhzhia — 22;
  • Kherson — 29;
  • Kyiv — 16;
  • Sumy — 16;
  • Zhytomyr — 15.

There are about 600 Russian soldiers in captivity in Ukraine, she said. 16 of them are women. Work is underway to release them. 

The office of the general prosecutor of Ukraine reports that 18 journalists have died in Ukraine since the start of the full-scale war. In addition, 8 journalists were kidnapped, 13 were injured, 3 went missing, and 15 were persecuted. In total, Russians committed 74 crimes against members of the media, of which 19 were against foreign citizens.

Since the beginning of the war, the Russians have regularly kidnapped mayors of cities and representatives of local authorities. In captivity and still alive 24 representatives of the authorities. Previously there were 35. 11 killed.

 More than 40.000 Ukrainians have been abducted and forcibly taken to Russia. Most of them are from the city of Mariupol. 410 people were killed with particular cruelty in Bucha, 200 in Irpen, the data is not final. A vast number of losses in Mariupol, and, unfortunately, there is no data yet.

 “In the Kyiv region, 1.200 facts of war crimes committed by the Russian military have already been recorded,” interior minister Denys Monastyrskyy. 

In the liberated cities, there were many stretch marks, unexploded mines, and explosive objects. Only the day before, employees of the State Emergency Service discovered and neutralized more than 5,000 items, and this is only in the Kyiv region.

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