Ukraine Achieves Record Electricity Export Levels

by Cheplyk Roman
Tuesday, March 5, 2024
Ukraine Achieves Record Electricity Export Levels

On Tuesday, March 5, Ukraine marked a significant milestone in electricity export, hitting a record high since the start of the year

The day prior, an electricity surplus was observed within the country's power system, prompting the utilization of emergency support from Poland's power system operator.

The National Energy Company "Ukrenergo" shared this achievement on Facebook, stating, "Today, March 5, the planned volume for electricity export reached a new record. Throughout the day, a total of 13,393 MW/h is expected to be delivered to five countries, namely Slovakia,

Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Moldova, with peak capacities reaching up to 726 MW during certain hours."

This surge in electricity export capabilities comes after a decision made on February 29 by ENTSO-E, the association of European transmission system operators, which established a technically possible maximum export power of 550 MW per hour from Ukraine and Moldova to continental Europe. This decision was based on simulations ensuring the safety and stability of the combined power systems of Europe and Ukraine.

"Ukrenergo" emphasized that electricity exports are only conducted when there is no deficit within the Ukrainian energy system. Factors such as flooded rivers and favorable weather conditions have enabled hydroelectric and renewable energy sources to operate at high capacities, allowing electricity producers not only to satisfy domestic demand fully but also to increase production and sales. This, in turn, generates revenue for further recovery following damages caused by Russian attacks.

The company also noted that "Energoatom" achieved a record 100% utilization rate of installed capacity of nuclear power plant units during the heating season, showcasing the continuous electricity production throughout the cold period.

Moreover, "Ukrenergo" recently conducted its first joint auctions with Hungary for distributing access to interstate connectors on the JAO (Joint Allocation Office) platform, a European universal distribution platform.

This achievement comes as a beacon of progress for Ukraine, especially considering the challenges faced due to energy infrastructure damages inflicted by the conflict, which had previously reduced the country's generation capacity by half, limiting winter electricity production to only a third of pre-war levels.

Furthermore, Germany has committed to providing "Ukrenergo" with €300 million to aid in the repair and modernization of the Ukrainian power grid, underscoring international support for Ukraine's energy sector amidst ongoing challenges.

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