Ukraine and Britain to Sign Digital Commerce Treaty

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, August 25, 2022
Ukraine and Britain to Sign Digital Commerce Treaty

Ukraine will be the second country in the world to sign such an agreement with the United Kingdom

Ukrainian programmers and other IT specialists have long been considered among the best in the world. Now it is possible to say that the world has accepted the opportunities of Ukrainian professionals and is ready to use the services of delivery of products with the help of wired or wireless digital networks. Therefore, electronic commerce at the international level will be developed in Ukraine.

The Ministry of digital transformation of Ukraine reported on the preparation for the signing of an agreement on digital trade with Britain. The country will be only the second in the world to participate in such a program. Before that, Britain concluded a treaty only with Singapore. The 2 countries are negotiating the terms of the contract. The Ministry of digitalization, the Ministry of economy of Ukraine and the Ministry of foreign trade of the United Kingdom will work on the points of the agreement.

The Digital Economy Agreement will give Ukraine an opportunity to strengthen its relations with Britain. First of all, the agreement implies the strengthening and development of innovation and trade between the countries. Ukraine will develop financial technologies, payment systems, open digital markets and technical cooperation. The signing of such a document also makes Ukraine a member of the global economy, forms a positive image in the trade sphere and increases confidence in Ukrainian business. The development of Ukrainian digital trade will attract investment and develop small and medium-sized businesses.

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