Ukraine and Poland are cooperating to combat epizootics

Thursday, April 29, 2021
Ukraine and Poland are cooperating to combat epizootics

Countries will work together on livestock health, international veterinary certificates and food quality

A meeting was held between the State consumer service of Ukraine and representatives of the General veterinary inspectorate and the Ministry of agriculture and rural development of Poland. The issues of epidemics among farm animals and the quality of veterinary services were discussed.

"Poland is a country that is not only close to us territorially - we have similar agricultural profiles and markets. We must work together to promote the epizootic security of our countries, to provide mutually beneficial export and import opportunities for business and to guarantee product safety for the consumers of both countries" said State consumer service chairman Vladyslava Magaletskaya.

Rabies in Ukraine and Poland is a serious threat to the growth of the livestock sector. The integration of the two countries in the fight against catastrophe could solve the problem. In addition to epizootics, the meeting raised issues of regionalization of livestock diseases, harmonization of international veterinary certificates and passports, import and export of animal feed.

"Historically, we have had professional, in-depth and continuous communication with the Polish service on matters relating to sanitary and phytosanitary measures, in particular cross-border cooperation, taking into account: That Poland is usually the first country of entry for Ukrainian products on export to the EU," said Deputy Head of State consumer Service Olga Shevchenko.

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