Ukraine Can Process Over 50% of Agricultural Products, Says Ministry of Agriculture

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, May 30, 2024
Ukraine Can Process Over 50% of Agricultural Products, Says Ministry of Agriculture

Ukraine is set to adopt the “Strategy for the Development of the Agricultural Sector of Ukraine until 2030” this year, a key obligation under the Ukraine Facility economic support program from the European Union

This strategy focuses on increasing the processing of agricultural products and expanding export opportunities in the agricultural sector, according to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

Acting Minister Taras Vysotskyi highlighted the importance of developing the processing sector to preserve capacities in the agricultural sector and enhance its efficiency and export potential. "Our goal is to process more than 50% of agricultural products," Vysotskyi stated during a workshop on agricultural sector issues within the framework of the Ukraine Business Compact. He emphasized that processing adds value to products and increases farmers' incomes.

Ukraine has significant potential for processing in animal husbandry, including the production of meat and dairy products, various types of oil, and animal feed. Enhancing processing industry capacities will also boost energy independence and security for both Ukraine and the European Union. Ukraine has the potential to expand biomethane production to 10 billion cubic meters per year, with the necessary transport infrastructure and capacity already in place.

Vysotskyi also stressed the importance of having access to various logistics types for exporting goods and implementing modern production technologies. Despite the large-scale war, Ukraine remains a major supplier of food for over 400 million people worldwide, exporting 65-70% of its agricultural products annually. The country plans to maintain these export volumes in the future.

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