Ukraine Connected Additional Nuclear Unit

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, June 15, 2023
Ukraine Connected Additional Nuclear Unit

After a scheduled repair, a "Ukrenergo" specialist managed to reconnect 1 nuclear unit to the national energy system

The national electricity provider Ukrenergo reports that now the demand of the Ukrainian consumer for electricity is provided exclusively by the energy produced by national operators.

From good news: after a scheduled repair, 1 nuclear unit was put into operation again. Thanks to the clear weather, getting more green energy from the fields of solar power plants was also possible.

From the bad: due to the Kakhovka accident, the water level fell, and this negatively affected the work of domestic hydroelectric power plants. The problem is that the Kakhovka dam is part of a cascade of 5 dams on the Dnipro river, and an accident at 1 station causes complications at other stations.

Shortly, Ukraine plans to purchase 10-90 MW from Slovakia. Ukrenergo asks Ukrainians to use electricity wisely and not overload the network during peak periods.

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