Ukraine Develops Its Own Drone, “Shmavik,” to Enhance Military Capabilities

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, April 19, 2024
Ukraine Develops Its Own Drone, “Shmavik,” to Enhance Military Capabilities

Ukraine has successfully developed a domestic alternative to the popular Chinese quadcopter, DJI Mavic, dubbed “Shmavik.”

This new model is reported to be more resistant to electronic warfare (EW) devices, offering significant tactical advantages to the Ukrainian military.

Military analyst Denys Popovych discussed the development and implications of the Shmavik on Ranok.LIVE. Highlighting the primary advantage, Popovych noted, "Now we will be able to order not from China, but from our manufacturers - this is the main plus that such a drone can appear at the disposal of the armed forces. And Maviks are very popular: they are used for 'drops' and night reconnaissance, so such a development will be very useful."

He pointed out the current disadvantage with Maviks, which involves purchasing them from China and dealing with delivery delays to Ukraine. However, the Shmavik's tactical and technical specifications are reported to be generally superior to those offered by the Chinese manufacturer.

Addressing the role of drones in modern warfare, especially in repelling artillery attacks by Russian forces, Popovych emphasized that while drones are crucial, they cannot completely replace artillery. He illustrated this by mentioning the "barn" tanks being used by the enemy in the Avdiiv direction, against which drones are less effective.

The first batches of the Shmavik are expected to be delivered to the Ukrainian army by this summer. The drone is a product of a Ukrainian company that has been mass-producing drones for various purposes since 2017.

Additionally, it was reported that during April, Ukrainian industry produced ten "Bohdan" self-propelled artillery installations for the first time, marking another significant advancement in Ukraine's defense manufacturing capabilities.

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