Ukraine Develops New Salt Business

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, August 12, 2022
Ukraine Develops New Salt Business

New salt mine in Western Ukraine can cover the country’s needs by 100%

Ukraine plans to open a large salt production plant in Transcarpathia. Recall that Ukraine was on the verge of a salt crisis due to the actions of the Russian Federation. The aggressor country has seized or is advancing on the main sources of mining in the Donetsk region. However, the chairman of the Transcarpathian regional military administration Viktor Mykyta said that the problem can be solved soon. Geologists have done the research and discovered a huge salt formation — from 35 to 500 m. Such amounts of salt will allow the extraction of up to 150.000 tons of salt per month. Production will fully cover the needs of Ukrainians in food salt. The salt deposit is located in Bushtyn, Transcarpathia.

It is noted that the workers have already started engineering work: they are building an access road and marking drilling sites. Mikita says that there are already places for workers and modern equipment for deep industrial drilling.

The Ukrainian side cooperates with a salt mining company Kation Invest and has created the most favourable conditions. Therefore, in six months they plan to start the first salt mining.

It should be noted that before the war, salt mines provided the needs of all regions and exported minerals to 15 countries. Now Ukraine is not giving up and establishing production to return to its former capacity.

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