Ukraine Ends the Year with a Record Dollar GDP

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, December 30, 2021
Ukraine Ends the Year with a Record Dollar GDP

Ukraine ends 2021 with the highest dollar gross domestic product (GDP) ever — almost $200 billion

Prime minister Denis Shmygal reported this at a government meeting.

"Economic growth and increased incomes of citizens in the context of the coronavirus crisis have become an essential task this year, and we see that there is also significant progress in this direction. We end 2021 with a record-breaking dollar GDP in history — almost $200 billion," said Shmygal.

He noted that for the first time in the history of independent Ukraine, the average salary is more than $550. For a year it increased by more than 19%.

Among the successful initiatives that were implemented in the economic field, the prime minister noted the introduction of state support for large investment investing-in-ukraine/starting-business-in-ukraine/start-a-project/" rel="dofollow">projects.

As Ukrinform reported, Ukraine's gross domestic product in the second quarter of 2021 increased by 5.7% against the second quarter of 2020.

Ukrinform — the state news agency, publishes about 500 information and analytical messages in Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, Spanish, Chinese, and French daily, with almost 200 original photographs.

The state budget in January-November was executed by 104% this year. The prime minister said that this is $1.7 billion more than expected. These funds were used to support citizens, the economy, and the defense sector.

Denis Shmygal added that the state budget deficit for 11 months amounted to only 1.4% of GDP due to a balanced and effective debt and budget policy.

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