“Shuttle” by “Uber” Returns to Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, May 25, 2023
“Shuttle” by “Uber” Returns to Ukraine

The head of the American company Matthew Devlin said that he sees no reason not to resume bus services in Ukraine

Matthew Devlin told about the desire to resume a Shuttle project in Ukraine to transport passengers on the established route. By 2021, this project from Uber had already been implemented in Ukraine. Several minibuses operated in the capital, in which it was possible via the internet or the application to block places and comfortably get to the right place. In Ukraine, this has become an excellent alternative to public transport. However, the Shuttle project had to be stopped due to the restrictions of COVID-19.

In 2023, WHO announced that COVID-19 was no longer a pandemic, so many restrictions were lifted. So the head of company Uber is considering the possibility of returning the minibuses to the country.

The head of the American company reports that Shuttle is needed on many routes, and his company sees no reason not to resume the project. According to Matthew Devlin, the rules that the pandemic dictated prevented him from developing a business and remaining profitable because many people stopped going to the office, for walks, etc. He also believes that war is not the factor that the project should not be renewed. He said that even in the first days of the war the company did not stay away, although for a year it was not working in Ukraine. Uber Shuttle helped about 150.000 Ukrainians to reach the Polish border and cross it in the early days of the war. The company did it for free.

"The only reason we stopped Shuttle was a problem with COVID-19. And I think we’d like to restart this product here," Matthew Devlin announced.

The timing of the resumption of Uber Shuttle is still unknown.

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