Ukraine Gained New Independence in 3 Months

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, August 17, 2022
Ukraine Gained New Independence in 3 Months

Ukraine completely changed a market to gain independence from Belarus's fuel

On the eve of Ukraine's 31st Independence Day, the national TV news service announced the acquisition of another important independence. According to the director of fuel company Consulting Group A-95 Serhii Kuiun, Kyiv, for 3 months, restructured fuel relations with Belarus.

It is about the fuel the state and private companies received from Russia's accomplice in the war against Ukraine. Since Belarus provides its territory for Russian missile launchers, no one wants to have a partnership with it. Moreover, Ukraine will no longer buy fuel from a country friendly to Russia. It should be noted that statesmen have done a great deal of work, as Russia already began to actively destroy oil plants in Ukraine 3-4 months ago.

To overcome the crisis, Ukraine built new trade relations and created a broad transport interchange to obtain fuel from European countries. Serhii Kuiun notes that Ukraine has become independent, and possible new attacks on civilian infrastructure are not feared by it.

"What has happened over the past three months is nothing short of Ukraine's first victory in this war. That is the country completely in 3 months recalibrated, and completely rebuilt its market. The enemy tried to just stop us, leave us without fuel. 100% of pre-war supply sources were cut off, this — Russia, Belarus, our Ukrainian ports blocked, and oil refineries destroyed. And it seemed that it was the end. But no," said Serhii Kuiun.

Note that the fuel crisis in Ukraine is not palpable. Therefore, on August 24, Ukrainians will be able to celebrate the day of the declaration of the country's independence and the fueled victory over Russia and Belarus.

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