Ukraine Implements 18 Additional NATO Standards in Security and Defense

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, January 30, 2024
Ukraine Implements 18 Additional NATO Standards in Security and Defense

Between December 2023 and January 2024, the Security and Defense Forces of Ukraine successfully integrated 18 more NATO standards, enhancing capabilities in areas such as troop protection, navigation, and diving operations

As reported by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, these newly adopted standards align with the Ukraine-NATO Partnership Goals. Key areas of focus include standards for protecting troops of the Armed Forces and training in communication and transport support for the Naval Forces.

Additionally, Ukraine has proactively adopted standards related to navigation and hydrographic support, diving activities, and fuel and lubricants. To date, the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces, along with other components of the security and defense sector, have implemented a total of 315 NATO standards. This comprises 192 standards (88% of the planned) within the Ukraine-NATO Partnership Goals and 123 independently implemented standards.

Out of NATO's 1,135 standards, nearly 28% are now operational within Ukraine's Security and Defense Forces. Deputy Minister of Defense Lieutenant General Ivan Gavrylyuk highlighted that this rate of implementation exceeds that of some NATO member states from the last expansion wave. For 2024, the plan includes the introduction of 50 more NATO standards in the security sector.

Recent achievements also encompass the integration of standards for navigation, hydrographic support, combat operations, fuel quality, and Naval Forces communication training. The Armed Forces are currently adopting the SAP automated defense resource management system, a global leader in logistics. This adoption aligns with NATO standards and has already resulted in significant procurement savings for the Ministry of Defense.

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