Ukraine in DG TAXUD

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, June 13, 2022
Ukraine in DG TAXUD

Ukrainian NCTS is ready to join the European customs area

The State Customs Service of Ukraine has announced its technical readiness to accede to the European Convention on the Common Transit Procedure.

"This is a significant result for Ukraine. The European side attaches great importance to testing before joining the international transit system, as the Convention brings together 36 countries. We say that if a problem arises in 1 country, it becomes a problem for all other countries. Therefore, the purpose of the tests is to make sure that Ukraine can interact with other domains, that the Ukrainian system covers all transit scenarios and that the system works the same in all countries," said EU4PFM expert Vityanis Alishauskas.

In September last year, the legal framework for the integration of functionality in accordance with the standards of DG TAXUD was formed. Then the three-stage process of testing the Ukrainian customs system NCTS was launched. The first stage of testing is carried out by the State Customs Service of Ukraine. Next, the correctness of the exchange of information was checked through a specialized application DG TAXUD. In May of this year, the 3rd stage took place — Ukraine successfully passed the Conformance Testings, which proved its readiness to join DG TAXUD. The last step left is the evaluation session of DG TAXUD, scheduled for this year.

"On the eve of the assessment mission, Ukraine has another homework task — Ukrainian companies must test the work of transit simplifications. To do this, they must obtain permits for transit simplifications and start applying them," said Alyna Brendak, head of the international transit system development department at the State customs service's international transit system implementation department.

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