Ukraine Launches Service for Interaction of Entrepreneurs

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, November 9, 2022
Ukraine Launches Service for Interaction of Entrepreneurs

The charitable foundation "Spivdiia" and "Startup Ukraine" created a service for safe work during the war

The Spivdiia is a community of Ukrainian volunteers and government bodies working to ensure security for aid providers and recipients of various types during the war. They have created a program for Ukrainian businessmen, where one can offer one another services and assistance. The educational centre of Startup Ukraine joined the Spivdiia. As a result of joint work, the site and Telegram channel of the project is ready for use.

The project was named Spivdiia Pidpryiemtsi. Here, people who have business in Ukraine can build partnerships and find contractors or solutions to overcome the military crisis. Communication is carried out in chat-bots and on the site developed by Ukrainian specialists.

Site users can leave their business cards: to tell where they are, what services they offer, and what they want to achieve. The website can also be used to announce the needs or, conversely, the possibility of transferring or selling some resources. All user cards are placed in separate sections for easy search. People can also buy products or services on the site by pressing only one button.

"The idea to create such a service came after February 24. Since that time, dozens of small and medium-sized businesses have approached the fund with requests for assistance. For example, one business wanted to give extra materials to another, and the other needed them. However, due to the large number of those who needed it was impossible to process all requests," the service developers said.

Currently, Spivdiia Pidpryiemtsi works and helps entrepreneurs to support their businesses in the conditions of war.

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