Ukrainians May Donate Not Only on “Bayraktar”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, October 5, 2022
Ukrainians May Donate Not Only on “Bayraktar”

The Ukrainian animal rights movement will hold an online march to help animals, affected by the war

In October, the world celebrates the day of animal protection. This topic is well developed in Ukraine and is gaining momentum every year. The country even has a zoo-defence movement, UAnimals. Activists march every year, calling on people and the government to pay attention to homeless animals, help shelters and protect the rights of quadruplets. However, due to the war UAnimals will not conduct a standard march for security reasons. But the animal rights people came up with another way of doing it — they organized an online march. People can take part in the help of animals without leaving home. For this purpose, it is necessary to authorize the platform animals, choose a settlement, and make a donation. Then the photo of the participant will appear on the interactive map of Ukraine. The campaign will be held from October 4 to 10. The funds of animals will be spent on purchasing food and medicine. Activists also plan to cover checks for treatment and evacuation of animals from combat zones after the marshal and repair shelters damaged by the war. 

This year, the march is dedicated to drawing public attention to the mass destruction of living creatures in Ukraine by Russian troops and collecting money to save animals. It is noted that during 7 months of the invasion, Russians destroyed 3 zoos and 20 shelters.

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