Ukraine Made a System for Arms Control

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, September 15, 2022
Ukraine Made a System for Arms Control

The informational and analytical system "SOTA" was presented to the USA

The press centre of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine informed us about the launch of a service to control weapons from partners. The Ukrainian information and analytical system SOTA is created for monitoring arms supply from partner countries. The service is designed for modern war management and simplified accounting. The accounting was introduced on February 24, 2022. Thanks to the SOTA module, all arms provided by partners are under control from the moment of border crossing to local distribution.

The secretary of the NSDCU, Oleksii Danilov, presented the system to the US ambassador to Ukraine, Bridget Ann Brink. The ambassador approved the initiative to develop a similar system of control of Western military aid and noted that it would help to make predictions about war. Brink also announced strong support for Ukraine and promised to strengthen the military, humanitarian and other forms of assistance needed in the war with the Russian aggressor.

Ukraine hoped for continued support and was ready to develop in all spheres. With SOTA, the country was able to confirm the readiness to conduct business honestly and the use of military equipment only for protection against the Russian aggressor.

We remind you that the Ukrainians have also developed an application for detecting missiles.

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