Ukraine May Get Swiss Weapons

by Olha Povalaieva
Wednesday, January 25, 2023
Ukraine May Get Swiss Weapons

Switzerland adopted a document that provides for the re-export of weapons to Ukraine from other countries

On January 24, the website of the Swiss parliament published the decision of the security policy commission of the lower house regarding the re-export of weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The country's policy of neutrality prohibits it from transferring weapons to countries at war. That is why Switzerland has several times blocked the delivery of its weapons from several countries: armoured personnel carriers from Denmark, ammunition for Cheetahs and military materials from Spain.

Nevertheless, 14 members of the Swiss National Council supported changes to the law governing neutrality. In order for changes to the law to enter into force, the consent of both chambers of the parliament is necessary.

"Most members of the commission believe that Switzerland should make its contribution to European security and, accordingly, provide support to Ukraine. In their opinion, the proposed amendments comply with the law on neutrality, as they do not allow the direct export of military equipment to conflict zones, but only apply to declarations prohibiting re-exports from countries that purchase Swiss weapons," parliament of Switzerland.

We remind you that earlier Switzerland joined the EU sanctions package to deter Russian aggression, and president Ignazio Cassis is considering the possibility of transferring frozen Russian assets for reparations to Ukraine.

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