Ukraine May Soon Get “F-16” From the USA

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, August 31, 2023
Ukraine May Soon Get “F-16” From the USA

Mark Milley said the issue of providing Ukrainians with fighter jets is moving forward

The head of the Joint chiefs of staff, Mark Milley, said in an interview with the Jordanian media Al-Mamlaka that the issue of training Ukrainian pilots on the F-16 and the possible provision of fighter jets for the Air Forces of Ukraine is ongoing.

"Regarding the F-16. It's actually moving forward. So there's a training program in place, and they'll probably get the F-16... in the near future," Mark Milley.

The general also expressed the opinion that it is still too early to talk about the success or defeat of the Ukrainian army. The Russian army, defending itself against the Ukrainian counter-offensive, filled the Ukrainian land with tank ditches and anti-tank concrete "dragon's teeth" and mined the fields.

"Ukrainians have a significant amount of fighting force left, and this is not the end."

We remind you that Denmark, Holland and Norway intend to transfer the F-16 to Ukraine. Most likely, the first of them will be delivered to protect the Ukrainians this December. Holland has not forgotten.

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