Ukraine Needs Field Hospitals

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, March 23, 2023
Ukraine Needs Field Hospitals

Norway and Holland donated €7.8 mln for the purchase and delivery of field hospitals, which were built especially for Ukraine by Estonia

Through the joint efforts of the State centre for defence investments of Estonia, Norway and Holland, multidisciplinary field hospitals were sent to Ukraine. The states ordered the production of field hospitals from the Estonian company Semetron, explicitly designed for the Ukrainian climate.

"The donation consists of 8 medical containers with special functions, including an operating room, emergency medicine, intensive care, a treatment and intermediate module, a medical storage chamber, a sterilisation module and a resource module," Kadi-Kai Kollo, UNFCCC Field Hospitals representative.

In addition, Ukraine received residential modules, storage containers, sanitary modules with a place to take a shower and washing machines, and special tunnels connecting medical containers with the rest of the premises. Separate assistance for Ukraine 10 MAN off-road vehicles for paramedics, who pick up the wounded from the battlefield and deliver them to the place of medical care.

The State defence investment centre of Estonia allocated personnel for training Ukrainian doctors. Now a team of Ukrainians can assemble a field hospital in 1 hour. Typically, about 15 doctors work in such a hospital, and during international exercises, up to 60 specialists can be on the general territory.

Earlier, Germany donated 2 such hospitals to Ukraine. During this time, about 10.000 wounded servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine received help in them.

As of March 23, 2023, Russia has destroyed over 950 medical institutions in Ukraine, including maternity hospitals.

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