Ukraine Officially Refuses to Negotiate With Putin 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, October 4, 2022
Ukraine Officially Refuses to Negotiate With Putin 

On 30 September, Zelenskyy stated the impossibility of holding talks with Russian president Putin

On October 4, it became known that the state attacked by Russia at the legislative level stops any negotiations with the aggressor. Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine On the actions of Ukraine in response to the attempt of the Russian Federation to annexe the territory of our state, with the purpose of guaranteeing the security of Euro-Atlantic space, Ukraine and restoration of its territorial integrity. The decision includes a paragraph about the impossibility of negotiations with Russian leader Putin. Recall that before that, the president of Ukraine said that the negotiation process will be possible only after the change of the head of the neighbouring country.

This decision was made after Putin announced the "results of the referendum" and added to the Russian Federation the Lugansk region and parts of the Zaporizhzhya, Donetsk, and Kherson areas. On September 30, the head of Ukraine signed a comprehensive decision of Ukraine's national security and defence council. It includes both a refusal to negotiate and an application to NATO to join in an accelerated manner. Based on these decisions, Volodymyr Zelenskyy called Russian businessmen and politicians for the first time in 30 years to decide on changes and change the head of state.

This was reported on the official website of the president's office.

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