Ukraine on the Top 5 of European Countries with Saturated Air Traffic

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, January 12, 2022
Ukraine on the Top 5 of European Countries with Saturated Air Traffic

“Eurocontrol” published the list of European countries with the lowest reduction of air traffic, with Ukraine ranked 4th

At the time of compiling the list of countries that are reducing and increasing flight, researchers were looking not only at new indicators and positions of countries but also at pre-crisis figures. According to Eurocontrol, the crisis is related to the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, but it is beginning to recede. This is also approved by the figures from 2021.

In this rating Ukraine took 4th place, losing in the race to Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Armenia. Ukraine failed to outrun Greece, which ranked 5th. The percentages of decline in passenger air travel are as follows:

  • Albania – 8%;
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina — 20 %;
  • Albania — 22 %;
  • Ukraine — 26 %;
  • Greece — 27%.

According to the rating, the biggest decrease in air traffic (62%) is observed in Great Britain, Ireland, Finland.

The movement of Ukraine in the table of air flights is due to the active season of traveling. Most often Ukrainians use airline services in summer and cold times, going abroad for winter. Also, the transition of a country to the 4th rank depended on the number of operating airlines. In 2021, Ukraine resumed flights with many countries. The reason for the suspension of flights was the prevailing epidemiological situation in the country. Flights resumed, for example, to Kuwait and Georgia.

We must not lose sight of the fact that the aviation business continues to be developed on the territory of the country. Over the past year, the country has opened several international branches. The organization of new flights is connected with the start of work of the Ukrainian airline.

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