Ukraine Proposes to Delete “Russophobia”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, September 5, 2022
Ukraine Proposes to Delete “Russophobia”

The Ministry of defence of Ukraine proposes to replace the word "russophobia", in which the Russian government accuses everyone around

The Ministry of defense of Ukraine works on all fronts. Earlier we could hear about ghost-cat Bavovnyatko, then the Ukrainian army launched an active counteroffensive. The Ministry now offers an alternative to the word "russophobia" — "Russo-go-homia" (English version "Russo-go-home").

Such a reaction arose in the work of Russian propaganda. Russia and earlier tried to prove to the world that Europe is Russophobes. But the full-scale invasion of Ukraine intensified Russian propaganda, and they use the term "russophobia" everywhere. So the Ministry of defence of Ukraine did not endure and offered the "great" country to look into the dictionary and the world to adopt a new word "Russo-go-homia".

"Phobia essentially means fear of something. But no one is afraid of the Russians and their collapsing army. Let’s analyze our vocabulary: not Russophobia, but Russo-go-homia (from English. go home — "go home")," wrote on the Ministry’s Twitter page.

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