Weimar Triangle Countries Issue Joint Statement on Ukraine’s EU and NATO Future

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, February 13, 2024
Weimar Triangle Countries Issue Joint Statement on Ukraine’s EU and NATO Future

The Weimar Triangle, consisting of France, Germany, and Poland, has released a joint statement expressing steadfast support for Ukraine amidst its ongoing conflict with Russia

The foreign ministers from these countries have underscored their commitment to Ukraine's sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity, emphasizing the country's right to defend itself against Russian aggression.

The statement highlights the group's view of Russia as the primary threat to security, peace, and stability in the Euro-Atlantic area. It notes Russia's efforts to destabilize the European Union through disinformation, cyberattacks, and political interference.

Calling for the EU to implement the 13th package of sanctions against Russia, the Weimar Triangle countries have voiced their unwavering determination to support Ukraine for as long as necessary to counteract Russian aggression. They assert that Europe will not grow weary of supporting Ukraine and insists that Russia will be held fully accountable for its actions and crimes in Ukraine.

Importantly, the statement endorses Ukraine's aspirations for NATO membership, stating, "We fully support Ukraine's right to choose its own security mechanisms... Ukraine's future is in NATO." This endorsement signifies a collective effort to support Ukraine's integration into European defense structures and its journey towards EU membership.

An extended meeting of the foreign ministers in the "Weimar + Ukraine" format is anticipated to occur soon, further solidifying the commitment of these countries to Ukraine's cause and future within the European and Atlantic defense community.

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