Ukraine Records Nearly $100 Billion in Trade Turnover for 2023

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, January 12, 2024
Ukraine Records Nearly $100 Billion in Trade Turnover for 2023

Ukraine’s merchandise turnover for the year 2023 reached $99.4 billion, with the country importing goods worth approximately $63.5 billion and exporting goods valued at $36 billion.

The highest volume of imports to Ukraine came from China ($10.4 billion), followed by Poland ($6.6 billion) and Germany ($4.9 billion). Conversely, Ukraine's largest export destinations were Poland ($4.7 billion), Romania ($3.7 billion), and China ($2.4 billion).

The composition of Ukraine's imports last year was predominantly in three categories, which together constituted 65% of the total imports:

  1. Machines, equipment, and transport - $19.8 billion
  2. Chemical industry products - $11 billion
  3. Fuel and energy products - $10.3 billion

In terms of exports, the top three categories were food products ($21.8 billion), metals and their products ($3.9 billion), and machines, equipment, and transport ($2.9 billion).

This data reflects the diversity and scale of Ukraine's trade activities, highlighting significant interactions with key global economies.

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