Ukraine Returns Bodies of 79 Soldiers

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, May 31, 2023
Ukraine Returns Bodies of 79 Soldiers

On 30 May, the ministry of integration of Ukraine announced another military exchange

This time Ukraine and Russia exchanged bodies of dead soldiers. Ukraine negotiated an exchange to transfer the heroes to their relatives for proper burial. All 79 dead Ukrainian soldiers were removed from the Russian-occupied territories.

The previous exchange of bodies of the fallen Ukrainian defenders and Russian occupiers took place in March. The 83 dead soldiers were then taken to Ukraine for identification, examination, and proper burial.

Recall that last week the Kiev returned 106 defenders who defended the direction of Bakhmut and were captured. Head of the intelligence department of Ukraine Kirill Budanov also said that they are currently engaged in difficult negotiations for the exchange of prisoners of war "all for all". In his opinion, the result will be positive. Recall that for more than a year the Russian Federation holds more than 700 defenders of Azovstal captive.

Let’s note that the questions on the return home of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians captured by Russia are the only topic of contact between Ukraine and the aggressor at the negotiating table.

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