Ukraine Seeks Collaboration with Norway for Joint Weapons Production

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, February 6, 2024
Ukraine Seeks Collaboration with Norway for Joint Weapons Production

During a recent visit to Norway, Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Defense, Lieutenant General Ivan Havryliuk, engaged in pivotal discussions with Norwegian officials, parliament members, and industry representatives on enhancing military cooperation.

This comes after Norway's 2024 initiative allowing Ukraine direct purchases from its defense sector. Ukraine expressed keen interest not only in acquiring advanced Norwegian weaponry but also in establishing joint production facilities for anti-aircraft systems within Ukraine. Prime Minister Jonas Gar Stere reaffirmed Norway's commitment to supporting Ukraine's defense, emphasizing the fight for democratic values and European security. With the introduction of the Nansen program, Norway pledges comprehensive aid to Ukraine, marking the largest assistance package in Norwegian history for a nation at war. Havryliuk lauded Norway's significant contributions to Ukraine's military resilience against Russian aggression. The discussions underscored the strategic importance of long-term assistance and the urgent need for weapons and ammunition to ensure Ukraine's sovereignty and peace.

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