Not Only “The Simpsons” Predicts the Future

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, April 18, 2022
Not Only “The Simpsons” Predicts the Future

Russia blocked for its media space a Soviet cartoon from 1973 about a sunken nazi cruiser with the letter "Z" on the stern

One of the phenomena of our world is the ability of the Simpsons cartoon directors to predict the future of the world in their episodes. Take, for example, the series about Donald Trump becoming president of the United States. And after 3 years, Trump really won the election.

Today, the competition for the prophets of The Simpsons has become a long-forgotten Soviet-made cartoon Treasures of sunken ships in 1973. You may find it on YouTube. It depicts the story of 3 pioneers who go on an underwater journey on the Neptune 25 bathyscaphe and see a sunken ship with the letter Z on board. The dialogue follows:

- Everything is clear, a nazis destroyer.
- How do you know?
- Was reading! Nazi destroyers were designated with the letter Z.

It's funny, but Russia drew analogies with modern history and blocked the cartoon from viewing in its free country. The Soyuzmultfilm film studio, which released the cartoon, claims that it is not involved in the incident.

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