Ukraine Strengthens Control Over Fictitious Marriages

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, October 2, 2023
Ukraine Strengthens Control Over Fictitious Marriages

More and more foreigners are trying to enter into a fictitious marriage to conduct business in Ukraine on favourable terms available only to Ukrainians

Ukrainian Migration service develops algorithms for checking marriages between Ukrainian citizens and foreigners. The State migration service believes love exists and can be true even if the age difference between partners is over several decades. However, the civil service plans to interview foreigners who want to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine based on marriage. The migration service is developing a procedure for checking the couple, which will include checking the existence of common life, plans for the future and a desire to be an official family. Currently, Ukraine has already developed a basic test to detect a fictitious marriage.

Legally, Ukrainian citizenship can be obtained in 3 ways:

  • At birth in a family where both parents or only 1 of them have Ukrainian citizenship;
  • By marrying a citizen of Ukraine;
  • Renounce the citizenship of your native country, pass the citizenship test in Ukraine and first obtain residency, then citizenship. This method is usually used by politically repressed, and in this variant, the petitioner must prove the reasons for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship. 

Citizens of Ukraine receive the right to marry at the age of 18. Often, citizens of Ukraine and other countries enter into a fraudulent marriage on almost equally favourable terms: the Ukrainian receives a monetary reward or the illusion of love/family, and the foreigner obtains Ukrainian citizenship and access to the privileges that the Ukrainian has in the field of opening/maintaining land, taxes, purchase/rent land and so on.

The Migration service the program will prevent corruption and manipulate specific processes.

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