Ukraine Strengthens the Environmental Movement

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, October 3, 2022
Ukraine Strengthens the Environmental Movement

In 2023, Ukraine plans to launch the work of 2 thermal power plants on biofuel

The state company for natural gas production and production Naftogaz plans to start a great job in Lviv and Zhytomyr. These 2 cities will become the new home for ecological heat-electric stations. The objects will work on biomass (wood friction) and solid fuel. It is noted that fuel will be secondary, which will transform stations into ecological biofuel objects. The built-up power plants will produce 90 MW of thermal energy and 11 MW of electric power.

The Lviv station plans to start work by the end of the heating season 2022-2023. The heat will be produced in February by the thermal centre. According to the mayor of Lviv, the new building will cover a quarter of the city's needs.

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