Ukraine to Receive 22 French “Airbus” Helicopters

Monday, August 30, 2021
Ukraine to Receive 22 French “Airbus” Helicopters

Until the end of 2021 another 22 helicopters for the needs of all services of the Ministry of internal affairs should arrive in Ukraine

On August 29, 2018, the Interior Ministry signed a contract with the French company Airbus Helicopters SAS.

A total of 55 French-made helicopters are to arrive in Ukraine under the contract:

  • H125 for the state border service of Ukraine;
  • Н145 for the national police of Ukraine;
  • H225 for the state emergency service of Ukraine and the national guard.

It is noted that these helicopters are adapted to aeromedical evacuation, rescue operations, maintenance of public order, anti-terrorist and special operations, security support at state borders and maintaining order on the roads.

As of August 28, 17 French helicopters are already working in the Ministry of internal affairs system:

  • 2 H125 types for the State Border Service;
  • 5 H145 types for the National Police;
  • 6 H225 types for the State Emergency Situations Service;
  • 4 H225 types for the National Guard.

    The contract is not limited exclusively to the supply of aviation equipment: Ukrainian aviators under agreements receive training at training centers in France and Germany, at the foundations of aviation units of the national guard, state emergency service and state national guard of Ukraine.
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