Ukraine to Receive Advanced Anti-Aircraft “Frankenstein” Tank from Rheinmetall

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, June 17, 2024
Ukraine to Receive Advanced Anti-Aircraft “Frankenstein” Tank from Rheinmetall

Ukraine’s defense capabilities are set to receive a significant boost with the delivery of a new anti-aircraft tank from the German arms company Rheinmetall

Dubbed the "Frankenstein" tank, this innovative vehicle will be equipped to shoot down both missiles and drones, enhancing Ukraine's ability to counter aerial threats on the front lines.

Key Features of the Anti-Aircraft Tank

Leopard 1 Base

  • The tank will be built on the chassis of the Leopard 1 main battle tank, providing robust off-road capabilities and durability necessary for frontline operations.

Skyranger System Integration

  • The Skyranger anti-aircraft system, known for its advanced capabilities, will be mounted on the Leopard 1 chassis. This system features a 35-mm Oerlikon Revolver Gun, which offers high rate of fire and precision.
  • The Skyranger system can counter threats at short distances, including swarms of drones and artillery fire, which are critical challenges in modern warfare.

Enhanced Armament and Ammunition

  • The integration will include increased ammunition capacity for the 35-mm gun and rockets. This ensures sustained defensive operations against continuous threats.
  • Additional equipment will be installed to enhance target detection, tracking, and missile readiness.

Modern Mobile Anti-Aircraft Artillery

  • The Skyranger 35 system is designed to protect troops and strategic assets from various aerial threats, including drones, helicopters, and cruise missiles.
  • It features modern sensors and radars for automatic target detection, tracking, and engagement.
  • The system can be deployed on various mobile platforms, offering high maneuverability and quick operational deployment.

Strategic Impact

The delivery of the "Frankenstein" tank will significantly bolster Ukraine's air defense capabilities. The ability to intercept and destroy aerial threats at short distances is crucial for maintaining control and security over strategic areas and frontline positions.

Björn Bernhard, head of land systems at Rheinmetall, emphasized the tank's potential: "There are still many Leopard 1 main battle tanks on the chassis of which we could install a Skyranger turret with a 35 mm automatic cannon."

Cooperation with Rheinmetall

Ukraine's collaboration with Rheinmetall has already yielded several joint production facilities, enhancing the country's defense manufacturing capabilities. These facilities are involved in the repair and production of various military equipment damaged during hostilities. Notably, Ukraine's Armed Forces have already been equipped with several Rheinmetall products, including Marder BMPs, Wiesel vehicles, Puma and Lynx BMPs, Skynex anti-aircraft systems, and various Leopard tank modifications.

The integration of the Skyranger system onto the Leopard 1 chassis marks a significant advancement in Ukraine's defense technology, providing a formidable tool to counteract the increasing aerial threats posed by modern warfare.

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