Ukraine to Receive €1.5 Billion from Frozen Russian Assets in July

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, June 17, 2024
Ukraine to Receive €1.5 Billion from Frozen Russian Assets in July

In a significant financial boost for Ukraine, the European Union has approved the allocation of €1.5 billion from the profits generated by frozen Russian assets

This decision aligns with the recent G7 summit in Italy, where member countries collectively agreed to send around $50 billion to Ukraine by the end of the year, sourced from the future profits of these frozen assets.

Details of the Fund Allocation

European Union's Contribution

  • The EU will transfer €1.5 billion to Ukraine in July 2024.
  • Allocation Breakdown:
    • 90% (€1.35 billion) will be directed towards military needs.
    • 10% (€150 million) will be used for reconstruction efforts.

G7 Initiative

The G7 countries have spearheaded this initiative, recognizing the urgent need to support Ukraine amidst ongoing conflicts and economic challenges. The funds, derived from the profits of Russian assets that were frozen due to sanctions, represent a concerted effort by the international community to bolster Ukraine’s defense and rebuilding efforts.

Financial Mechanism

The European Union's approval of this fund transfer is part of a broader strategy developed during the G7 summit. This strategy aims to provide Ukraine with significant financial resources swiftly, ensuring the country can sustain its military operations and begin critical reconstruction projects.

Implications for Ukraine

Military and Reconstruction Support

  • The substantial portion directed towards military needs will help Ukraine enhance its defense capabilities amidst ongoing conflicts.
  • The allocation for reconstruction will aid in rebuilding infrastructure and essential services, fostering long-term stability and development.


The decision to utilize profits from frozen Russian assets to support Ukraine highlights a robust international commitment to aiding the country during a challenging period. The timely financial assistance is expected to make a substantial impact on Ukraine's defense and recovery efforts, demonstrating solidarity and strategic support from the global community.

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