Who Will Get Free Ukrainian Grain

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, September 20, 2022
Who Will Get Free Ukrainian Grain

The government of Ukraine decided to send grains to Ethiopia and Somalia free of charge

On 16 September, the cabinet of ministers of Ukraine adopted a resolution on providing humanitarian assistance. In the country where the war is going on, the occupiers are destroying warehouses and fields, ready to allocate 50.000 tons of wheat to the starving countries of Africa. The document deals with Ethiopia and Somalia.

The Ministry of foreign affairs of Ukraine must now coordinate with the United Nations to transfer grain to Africa. Departments need to approve the methods of delivery and payment for grain transportation. The Ukrainian side proposes to start grain export through the Odesa sea trading port.

Grain for humanitarian aid will be taken from the property of the state food and grain corporation of Ukraine. The state will pay $14.2 million from the state budget reserve to cover the cost of grain.

In this way, Ukraine is making good use of the trilateral agreement on the grain corridor and helping to prevent the UN's fulfilling its forecast of famine in Somalia this year.

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