Russia Pays

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, February 14, 2023
Russia Pays

Swiss bank "Credit Suisse" seized Russian assets for $19.1 billion

Deutsche Welle reports that anti-Russian sanctions are still in force. Recently, a large bank Credit Suisse imposed a seizure on the finances of representatives of the Russian Federation who were on the sanctions list. Also, the Swiss bank stopped the accounts of the Russian Central bank revision and some third-country representatives who were also under sanctions. In total, the aggressor and his aides lost $19.1 billion at a time.

Recall that the government of western Switzerland decided to join the EU sanctions against Russia. Bern has already blocked more than $9 billion and 15 properties from Russian individuals.

Recall that all funds received as a result of the actions of sanctions can be transferred to Ukraine for reconstruction after the war.

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